What’s your name?

My name is Echezona Eke Ogudu.

What is your specialization?

I am a creative visual artist.


When did your interest in art begin?

As a child, I loved drawing cartoon characters and most times I copied my elder brother’s drawings, from there, the interest grew.

15mins. Color work.
24 x 36

What are the milestones you’ve achieved in this field?

Well, they are quite numerous to mention, but to start with a few, I engaged in several art competitions & exhibitions in my early school days, most of which I came first place including, a two time overall winner in the annual National Gallery of Art (NGA) exhibition & fun fair at the state level.
Later in 2010, I was one of the finalist in a national art competition, organized by NNPC and CHEVRON.
Also I came second place at the National gallery of art annual visual art competition, and first place at the Stella Maries art competition held in port harcourt Rivers state, in 2011. These, and several others.

Mixed media Mural

Are you a graduate?

Yes sure. I studied fine and applied art in the university of Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Do you think art is lucrative?

Yes, if you are surrounded by the right people. Those who love art and are willing to appreciate the craft in any means necessary.


What are your challenges?

Like I noted earlier, art is lucrative when surrounded by the right people who appreciate the craft. In Nigeria, we only have a handful of such people. The need for a larger audience is my greatest challenge.

What’s your inspiration when you need to paint?

Music. There’s something about music, it ministers to my soul.

What medium do you use for your paintings?

I love working with oil colors, because of its versatility. But I recommend acrylic, for those who intend to work faster.

Which brand do you recommend?

I recommend Winsor and Newton.

What’s your advice to upcoming visual artist reading this?

At some point, you might get frustrated in the course of learning and perfecting the skill, but the grace of God and patience will help you through. You must practice to be patient with yourself. In art, there are no mistakes, every stroke speaks perfection. Just do you.

What’s your social media handle?

Facebook & YouTube – Zona Strings
Instagram – @zona_s3ingz

Thank you for your time.

You’re welcome.


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