Hello, my name is Darrel Nickel.


I have a natural passion for art. I breathe art. I paint nearly every day. I am always pushing myself to become a better artist. Whether I am exploring a new technique or color combinations and contrasts, I become the painting.


I do acrylic and oil paintings inspired by my Central California upbringing and home. The Sierra Nevada mountains, Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks have shaped my memories and I capture them in my paintings. I express these memories through abstract renditions of the majestic places I have visited.

My free-spirited style walks the line between abstract and realism. My vigorously textured style has movement and boldness, often replicating the wild and free nature of the scenes I paint.


I live in Fresno, California with my wife and sons.

The canvas:

I am familiar with the canvas. From 1987-1993 I wrestled as a professional wrestler for the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). My stage name was “The Rock”. This was before Dwayne Johnson came onto the scene and forever changed the its association.


Wrestling taught me important lessons which carry over into painting. Wrestling involves improvising. For me, this is important to understand when working with acrylic or oils. Often, I am unsure the direction a painting will take and I find myself dancing with a concept, technique or memory; just like wrestling.

I continue to wrestle upon the canvas. Now it involves paints.

Mural painting

Which brand of colors do you recommend?



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